Guess The Genre #1640 (Gathered by Mike Diehl)

Criminal Intent Spice1 Jayo Felony Committed To The Crime Chaos
Criminal History Joneses Broke The Law Justin Jay
Running From The Law Broomstix Manhunt Crime
Arrested Lou Cifer Hellians Str8 Off Tha Streetz Eazy E
My Krazy Life YG Confessions Usher
I Fought The Law Clash Criminal Justice D Note
Trial By Jury Utopia Doyly Carte Jury Of My Peers Dave Paris
Dont Judge Me Chris Brown Only God Can Judge Me Big Hutch
Guilty Witherspoon Burdon Convicted The Real
Jazz Behind Bars Lawless Perc Criminal Record Ilha nMimaroglu

Answer: Crime & Punishment - Next is Guess the Genre #1641

Or, I don't want to guess - Show Me A List