Dispayed below are screens from various interactive projects, where Philip Kelly Denslow's role is as Interactive Programmer using MacroMedia Director, with art and navigation layout supplied by the client.

[Exponor Screen]
This demonstration program for a dental office account management suite is for distribution on CD-Rom. The control panel is in a floating window which can be repositioned by the user. Most of the demo is self-running, with the user able to choose from a menu of optional packages, like the one seen here on patient education.

[Exponor Screen]
This CD-Rom for a trade-show facility is cross-platform (Mac, Win.95, & Win.3.1) and bi-lingual. It is of modular design, with two sections changing for each exhibition, and two, those about the facility and location, remaining the same. Additionally, the control panel at the left has to remain onscreen at all times, even while switching modules and changing palettes for the 8bit artwork. Seen here is a layout of the facility that displays info about each room on rollover, and a photo of the room when clicked.

[Sheraton Screen]
This CD-Rom is an in-house corporate project for displaying information and pictures of rooms and facilities for a hotel chain. This is cross platform and 8bit, with much palette switching to keep the quality of the images intact. At several points, a set of small images on the left cycle as in a slide show and the user can click on one to see it full-screen. As of now, the project includes eight hotels in two countries.

[Telepac Screen]
This is an electronic press kit delivered on cross-platform CD-Rom for a telecommunications company. This project (and the trade-show CD-Rom above) requires a volume control with L.E.D.-style meter display. In this case, the cursor changes to a plus or minus when rolling over the top or bottom of the L.E.D. meter (lower left) to indicate the action caused by clicking there.

[Vileda Screen]
This is an in-house corporate sales presentation project, to be displayed from a laptop PC. The presenter can work through a hierarchy of catatories and product lines, or jump directly from any place to another via a map page.