These are pages that I put together to show some basic principles of Animation as taught by Dan McLaughlin at the UCLA Animation Workshop. Thousands of students have produced these exercises as part of the beginning animation class over the many years it has been taught there.

My purpose in re-creating them here was to teach myself how to use the Flash (formerly FutureSplash) animation program. You will need to have the Flash plugin to view the animation on these pages. If you do not have it, your browser should automatically download it. Accept it when asked. It is a good thing to have.

Here are four animation assignments for your edification:

Learn about the animation principles of Squash & Stretch and Ease In/Out via this bouncing ball example.

More about animation principles, this time on Cycles via this walking dude example.

A variation on Cycles via this second walking dude example.

And still more about animation principles, this time on Anticipation via this teapot example.